About Nights

Tune in for the week-nightly voyage of attitude, longitude and latitude...

The Nights Gang

Nights skipper Bryan Crump like maps, travelling (by train, bike and armchair), watching for the wonder of native wildlife and celestial phenomena, watching outraged to the antics of international cricketers, and on occasion he putters with sound (see his bio for ongoing relationship with tape recorders).

Nights navigator Robyn Rockgirl Walker dances to good music in the studio, goes out of her way for tasty Asian food, or chocolate, and her dark side takes immense pleasure in confounding the nation with a seemingly unrelated selection of random statements.

Obviously endlessly curious, and possibly the most geographically literate pairing in Radio New Zealand National history, Bryan and Robyn Rockgirl are a Kiwi's radio beacons to enlighten and entertain the evenings.

This Year’s Pretty Flash Regular Guest Lineup

Sport: Monday 7:10pm

  • History - Joseph Romanos
  • United Kingdom - Richard Fleming 
  • United States of America - Helene Elliott
  • Australia - Paul Kennedy
  • South Africa - Mike Greenaway
  • Europe - Matt Zuvela
  • South East Asia - James Goyder

Thinkers: Monday 8:40pm

  • Politically Right - Rodney Hide
  • Economics - Neville Bennett
  • New Zealand History - Jock Phillips
  • Philosophy - Ann Kerwin
  • Politically Left - Brian Roper
  • Sociology - Tracey McIntosh
  • History of Science - Alan Musgrave

The World At Night (Overseas Correspondents): Tuesday 8:40pm

  • Chile - Terri Anderson
  • Israel - Liat Collins
  • Uganda - Daniel Kalinaki
  • Indonesia - Rebecca Henscheke
  • Venezuela - Tamara Pearson / Ewan Robertson
  • Arkansas, Midwest USA - Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell
  • Portugal - Brendan de Beer
  • India - Shoba Narayan
  • Mexico - Susana Seijas
  • Palestine - Nida' Tuma Ibrahim
  • Japan - Motoko Kakubayashi

Arts: Wednesday 8:40pm

  • Reggae - Miles Buckingham
  • Poetry - Cliff Fell
  • Video Games - Matt Maguire
  • Classical - Kate Mead
  • Hip Hop - Kirsten Zemke
  • Pasifika - Ema Tavola
  • Jazz - Fergus Barrowman
  • Comics - Dylan Horrocks

Science: Thursday 8:40pm

  • Astronomy - Alan Gilmore
  • Toxicology (What's Your Poison) - Leo Schep
  • Physics - Shaun Hendy
  • World Weather - Erick Brenstrem
  • Biophysics - David Parry
  • Geology - Hamish Campbell
  • Computer Science - Mark Apperley
  • Botany - Peter de Lange

Some Other Pretty Cool Things You Might Hear On Nights

The Nights Conundrum

Monday to Thursday 8:59pm & 9:59pm – clues

Friday 8:50pm – answer plus winner’s song

Well, it wouldn't be much fun if it was - easy...

Nonetheless, think of it as a game where you're the detective, solve each clue and then once you put all the solved clues together, you'll sniff out the answer.

Use internet search engines if you must, but we would encourage brainstorming with others as the most enjoyable means of putting pieces of the puzzle the right way round...

Accordingly, once you've joined the dots then send us your best guess plus your name, hometown and song choice by Friday 5pm - either email us at nights@radionz.co.nz or text us from your mobile on 2101.

Remember, you can always listen to the clues again on the Nights web page.

And on Fridays before nine, we'll explain the clues and then the conundrum smart cookie of the week wins the opportunity to influence Radio New Zealand music programming by getting a song of their choice...

We do, with all sincerity, wish you the best of luck.

Our Own Odysseys

Tuesday 7:10pm

Nooks and crannies of seven continents as tripped over by your fine and interesting self...

If you have a tale of journeying and discovery to tell – be it strange, surprising, funny, insightful, inspiring, awkward, scary, on a camel or a canoe or in Constantinople, with a friend or a tour group of new friends, heroic or horrifying, recent or even in a more distant past - recollect, reminisce and revel in your adventure by sharing it on Nights... dispatch the pertinent details of your own odyssey to nights@radionz.co.nz

Helpful Online Information About Nights

Since you’re reading this, then you already know that our web page is really rather terrific – has lots of info, links and pictures – and you can also listen to and/or download the audio of interviews you may have missed or would like to listen to again.

If you’re also a keen up-to-the-minute technologically-savvy bean, do keep abreast of the zigging and zagging on Nights in real time via our social networking portals…

Facebook: Nights on Radio New Zealand National

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Queries and/or comments are still best by email, nights@radionz.co.nz, though Bryan is always ever so chuffed if he gets a postcard… so if you’d like to give him a smile, do send with a stamp to:

Nights on Radio New Zealand National, PO Box 123, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand