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Singing for Natasha

12:10 PM.The Takatāpui community remembers a transgender colleague. Any week on a Tuesday night  at an Auckland marae you'll hear members of the kapa haka group Ahakoa te Aha singing for their dead sister Natasha Allen Hohepa.

Aboard the Bobbie C

12:15 PM.Spectrum producer Justin Gregory spends one week aboard a tall ship, sailing from Auckland to the Bay of Islands in the company of 22 American college students.

A business with heart

12:15 PM.Southland Disability Enterprises is a place where people with disabilities find work and friendship - but it depends, in part, on a scheme that pays its workers less than minimum wage. 

Inside iD Fashion Week

12:10 PM.Frankenstein's lover, pan-sexuality, torture devices and animal rights provide unexpected inspiration and stories behind the work of emerging designers at Dunedin iD Fashion Week 2016.

Going under kava

12:15 PM.The popular narcotic drink, kava, doesn't always mix with modern-day activities like driving - and its increased consumption by followers of teetotal religions is cause for conflict.

Westminster Pilgrimage

5:00 PM.Reading music in braille is a daunting challenge especially when you're a member of a choir.

Horeke Shipyard

12:10 PM.Digging up secrets of New Zealand's first commercial shipyard.

TAUTAI / NAVIGATE - Celebrating 30 years of Contemporary Pacific Arts

12:15 PM.For thirty years Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust has been helping artists of Pacific heritage to navigate the tricky waters of the art world. To celebrate, they are holding a large-scale exhibition and throwing themselves a party.

Send In The Clowns

12:10 PM.The country's clown doctors are using laughter to engage with older patients and now they're keen to spread the word.

The Complicated Game of Love

12:10 PM.Songwriters, poets, and artists the world over have found great inspiration from it, but today, finding love is a game that comes with a raft of complicated, and sometimes unwritten rules.

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