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David Drops the Mic

12:15 PM.Spectrum producer David Steemson says he has worked at RNZ since "before the coming of man". But next month he's hanging up his headphones and retiring, at about the same time as Spectrum itself will be coming to end. Justin Gregory thought both events should be marked and so he put David in a studio to talk about his career and what it means to tell New Zealand stories.

Still Loved

12:10 PM.Part 2 in our series on stillbirth. The loss of a child affects hundreds of families around New Zealand each year. In this episode Katy Gosset talks to South Island parents about how they coped with this most difficult of grief.

No Heartbeat - Coping with Losing an Infant

12:10 PM.Four parents share their first-hand experience of losing a baby and some volunteers who assist with the process of creating memories.

The Taxpayers' Artist

12:15 PM.Spray can wielding vandals and council cleaners open up about tagging on the streets of Wellington.

Can a late harvest help the hungry?

12:15 PM.Every year in New Zealand more than $800 million worth of good food goes to waste while families in need go without. At a time when lines for food banks seem to be growing longer, what can be done to help?

Circus Kumarani

12:10 PM.For the last 13 years, Whangarei residents of all ages have learnt juggling, acrobatics, rope work and even fire play with Circus Kumarani.

Safe Passage

12:09 PM.Locomotive engineers talk to Katy Gosset about fatalities, close calls and how KiwiRail's trauma response programme is helping.

Global artists spread message of marine conservation

12:15 PM.Earlier this year, high profile local and international artists converged on Napier to paint inner city walls with a message about the importance of marine conservation issues.

The Stromboli Connection

12:12 PM.A special reunion when descendants of Italians from the island of Stromboli gathered in their childhood home, Wellington's Island Bay, to celebrate their culture and history.

Singing for Natasha

12:10 PM.Any week on a Tuesday night  at an Auckland marae you'll hear members of the kapa haka group Ahakoa te Aha singing for their dead sister Natasha Allen Hohepa.

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