14 Oct 2009

RBNZ to scale back emergency financial measures

12:15 pm on 14 October 2009

The Reserve Bank is to scale back emergency measures for the financial system which were put in place during last year's financial crisis.

They will be removed from 1 November.

Radio New Zealand's economics correspondent reports the measures were introduced progressively during the crisis as banks struggled to raise cash on overseas money markets.

The centrepiece was a programme allowing banks to borrow from the Reserve Bank for up to a year using mortgages and other securities as collatoral.

Banks borrowed $7 billion from the Reserve Bank from October last year to March this year using the facility, but hardly used them over the last six months.

The Reserve Bank says banks are again borrowing normally from money markets and no longer need emergency loans.

But it stands ready to implement them again if the financial system takes a turn for the worse.