15 Dec 2011

Euro value sinking

5:21 am on 15 December 2011

The value of the euro has fallen to its lowest level against the American dollar since January.

The euro fell below $US1.30 on Wednesday for the first time since 12 January.

Against the pound, one euro bought 83.85 pence, while the pound was worth 1.19 euros.

European stock markets were also down, with analysts saying the main cause is continuing uncertainty over how effective the European Union summit last week would turn out to be in solving the economic crisis.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has told parliament in Berlin she could not stress highly enough the significance of the course the Eurozone countries are now following towards fiscal union.

She said the end result would be a stronger Europe, though she regretted Britain would not be joining the new process.

Meanwhile, the BBC reports Italy has paid an interest rate of 6.47% to borrow 3 billion euros for five years at a bond auction, up from 6.3% last month.

However, borrowing costs for Germany fell further. At an auction of 5 billion euros' worth of two-year bonds, the yield was 0.29%, down from 0.39% last month.