Collapsed building previously deemed safe

4:07 pm on 28 February 2012

An unreinforced masonry building that collapsed and killed a man during the February 2011 earthquake in Christchurch had previously been repaired and deemed structurally safe.

The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission has been told the facade of the two-storey building on Manchester Street fell on top of Christopher Smith's car.

He was rescued, but later died from his injuries.

The 100 year old building was inspected twice after the September 2010 earthquake and given a green sticker each time.

The Christchurch City Council's environmental policy and approvals manager, Stephen McCarthy, has told the commission the building held up surprisingly well.

However, engineers did fix some cracking and removed part of the parapet in November 2010.

An engineer from Spencer Holmes consulting, Peter Smith, says in future, emergency inspections should more thoroughly consider the damage another large aftershock could cause before deeming the building safe.