31 Oct 2008

Young ACT supporters defend condom stunt

3:13 pm on 31 October 2008

The ACT party's youth branch is defending its decision to hand out condoms with campaign slogans attached to Auckland University students.

ACT on Campus has distributed about 1,000 condoms with packaging bearing slogans such as "screw Labour, vote ACT."

Auckland ACT on Campus vice president Jonathan Spence said the aim was to promote both safe sex and the principles of the party, and was in keeping with the sexual health campaigns of other organisations, such as the Students' Association.

Family First party director Bob McCroskie said ACT on Campus had crossed a line, instead of using decent and acceptable electioneering material.

Mr McCroskie said he cannot see the correlation between ACT's law and order policy and promoting safe sex.

ACT leader Rodney Hide would not comment beyond saying the party did not authorise the move.