20 Apr 2009

Plastic bin liners are next target

3:25 pm on 20 April 2009

Plastic bin liners are the next target in the campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags.

The use of plastic supermarket bags has been decreasing in recent years, but sales of bin liners increased by more than 15% in the year to January.

The Packaging Council says a new waste packaging accord to be drawn up with major retailers this year will focus on reducing the number of plastic bin liners.

The Warehouse is imposing a levy of 10 cents per plastic bag from 20 April. Foodstuffs has announced that Pak'n'Save, New World and Four Square stores will charge 5c per bag from August.

A packaging accord signed in 2004 aims for a 20% reduction of plastic bags by July this year. Plastic bags comprise 0.2% of landfill waste.