18 Apr 2013

Poor housing affects more Maori, Pacific people

12:46 pm on 18 April 2013

A survey has found poor housing conditions in New Zealand disproportionately affect Pacific people, Maori, solo parents and people renting.

The Statistics New Zealand survey has gathered information from 8,550 New Zealanders from April 2010 until March 2011.

Overall, 15% of New Zealanders said they lived in cold houses, 10% believe their house is damp, and 11% find their house too small.

However the survey found 33% of Pacific people and a 21% of Maori say they live in a house which is cold, while about one sixth of both groups say their homes are damp.

Of solo parents, 21% lived in cold houses and 16% were in damp houses.

The survey found 25% of people who rent a house instead of owning one say it is cold and 19% find it damp.

The survey follows a range of studies finding housing in New Zealand is expensive relative to wages, in comparison with other similar countries, forcing some people to live in unhealthy homes because that is all they can afford.