15 May 2013

Killer to remain in jail for rest of sentence

9:41 pm on 15 May 2013

A man who killed his second wife and was convicted of the manslaughter of another partner has been denied parole.

Malcolm Alan Francis, in his 60s, was convicted and sentenced in 2003 for the death of 37-year-old Wathanak Tea two years earlier.

Ms Tea disappeared in late December 2001 and her body has never been found.

The Crown's case at the trial was that Francis killed Ms Tea at her flat in the Wellington suburb of Johnsonville and disposed of the body.

Francis served a jail sentence for beating to death his second wife, Janet, with a frozen dog roll in Hastings in 1984.

The Parole Board has declined to release Francis, as it believes he remains a risk to the community.

Francis will remain in prison until his sentence ends in March 2014.