29 Sep 2009

Man who faked own death out of prison

5:13 pm on 29 September 2009

An Auckland man jailed last year for faking his death by suicide in 2002 has been released. The Parole Board says he poses a low risk of reoffending.

Bruce Dale was sentenced to a term of two years and four months after he staged a suicide and assumed a new life in Christchurch.

Dale faked his suicide at Sunset Beach at Port Waikato in 2002 and moved south, where he adopted the name of Michael Peach - an infant who died 48 years ago.

His ruse was discovered when he applied for a passport under his real name and he was jailed in September last year.

The Parole Board says after a previous appearance by Dale, it has now concluded he has behaved well in prison and poses a low risk of reoffending.

It also notes that, although his true identity was not known in Christchurch, he was living in a perfectly responsible way.

The Parole Board has imposed conditions on Dale, includin that he have no contact with the victims of his offending.

Dale's former wife, Sharon Behan-Kitto, is unhappy with the board's decision and believes he should serve the full sentence.