29 Sep 2009

Government increases legal catch limit of hoki

5:14 pm on 29 September 2009

The Government has increased the legal commercial catch limit in the hoki fishery.

It is thought the 20,000-tonne increase to 110,000 tonnes will bring in more than $29 million in extra export earnings.

The catch limit was reduced in 2007 to allow the hoki species to rebuild.

Fisheries Minister Phil Heatley says the latest scientific research and monitoring shows a significant increase in stocks of hoki.

Mr Heatley says a larger increase could have been justified, but he is taking a cautious approach.

The Green Party says the decision regarding hoki is rash and irresponsible.

The Government has also increased limits for a number of other species, but has reduced the limit for orange roughy off the South Island's east and south coast.

The limit for black cardinalfish off the North Island's east and south coast has also been reduced.