27 Oct 2009

Warship back from tsunami aid mission

5:38 pm on 27 October 2009

A New Zealand warship was welcomed home in Wellington on Tuesday morning from its mission to tsunami-affected areas of Samoa and Tonga.

HMNZS Canterbury delivered more than 80 tonnes of aid to the Pacific nations, including medical supplies, fale poles and plumbing and electrical equipment.

The coordinator of New Zealand's tsunami relief effort, Karl Harvey, says the Navy ship's ability to move from port to port was essential to the defence force's aid operation.

He says the aid was well received by people in Samoa and Tongan.

Meanwhile, Australian ship HMAS Tobruk is heading to the Pacific with supplies and equipment to help those recovering from the tsunami.

The first Australian navy ship to take help to the region since the tsunami, it has about 560 tonnes of aid on board.

The ship's commanding officer, Peter Thompson, says the load includes a fire engine to replace one destroyed in the tsunami.