29 Dec 2009

Dunedin woman attacked twice in home

9:35 am on 29 December 2009

Police officers and ESR scientists completed a forensic examination of a house in Dunedin where a woman was attacked and injured, before being sexually assaulted.

The woman, 31, was attacked outside the house by a Maori male at about 10.40pm on Sunday after an altercation with him and another man, police say.

She opened her door 15 minutes later expecting her boyfriend, but instead the same man forced his way inside and sexually assaulted her.

Detective Senior Sergeant Kallum Croudis says the victim has been able to give descriptions of both men, believed to be in their late 20s.

"The male Maori is described as being of solid build, about five foot eight, with curly black hair, wearing blue jeans and a red hoodie. The male Caucasian is less accurately described as having shaggy blonde hair and we're not aware of what he was wearing."

The woman's two young children were asleep in the house at the time of the attack.

Detective Senior Sergeant Croudis told Summer Report officers police will be speaking to neighbours to see whether there were any confirmed sightings of the two men, to the victim's friends and perhaps to her six-year-old son.

The woman was hospitalised for facial injuries and was discharged on Monday.