27 Jan 2010

Campbell needs new coach - early mentor

9:04 am on 27 January 2010

One of Michael Campbell's early mentors thinks the golfer needs a new coach.

Campbell is as a finalist for the Halberg Awards Sports Champion of the Decade award, but the 2005 US Open winner now struggles to make the cut and says there are days he wonders whether it's time to quit.

Former golf coach Vic Pirihi says the Campbell camp appears stale. He told Waatea News that guidance from the likes of New Zealand men's coach James Kupa, or Alex Mercer, could help.

The Halberg awards are announced next Thursday.

Sports writer Joseph Romanos also thinks Campbell's win at the US Open, in 2005, was the best sporting feat of the decade, although he says the judges will have to weigh consistency against one-off achievement.