15 Jul 2010

Coroner issues findings into bomb blast victim's death

9:31 am on 15 July 2010

A Coroner has used his findings into the death of a New Zealander in an Indonesian bomb blast to remind police and funeral directors of their obligations when a body is returned to this country.

Wellington District Coroner, Ian Smith, has made a formal finding that Timothy McKay died in Jakarta last July as a result of multiple injuries sustained in a bomb blast.

Timothy McKay worked in Jakarta as a senior executive for cement supplier PT Holcim.

While he was at a business meeting at the JW Marriott Hotel in July last year, suicide bombers set off explosive devices there and at another hotel, killing Mr McKay and four others.

His body was returned to New Zealand and a Wellington funeral home completed the funeral arrangements, but failed to notify the coroner.

Coroner Ian Smith says to avoid delay and upset for the family, funeral homes should give advance notice to the chief coroner when a New Zealander's body is returned from overseas.