18 Feb 2010

Criticism over public design competition for new logo

5:44 pm on 18 February 2010

The Auckland Transition Agency has been criticised for not having its priorities straight, because it is focussing on a new logo for the Auckland super-city.

A public design competition is being launched on Thursday for a logo for the new Auckland Council that will take effect on 1 November.

The judging panel will include Waitakere city mayor Bob Harvey, journalist Bill Ralston, artist Dick Frizzell and fashion designer Karen Walker.

The designer of the winning logo will receive a prize package valued at $10,000.

The Transition Agency says it's critical to have a new look and feel to reflect the new council.

But Rodney District Mayor Penny Webster says there are more important issues to be dealt with than a logo.

She says fundamental details such as the location of the various parts of the new council are still to be sorted out and the process of deciding where staff fit in the corporate structure of the council is yet to begin.

She says this is a classic example of why the public gets fed up with local government.

The Transition Agency says it's not going to engage in the argument, but a logo is legally needed for a pre-election campaign.

Alex Swney of Heart of the City says the way councils and organisations brand themselves is important.

Glenfield Ratepayers and Residents Association chairman David Thornton says there is a certain inevitability to this.

While a logo is way down the list in terms of priorities, he says it still has to be done and, there's only a limited amount of time to do it.

He says it's important that the public supports what will be the new Auckland Council.