29 Aug 2010

Eight arrested after midnight raid on gang HQ

5:08 pm on 29 August 2010

Police made eight arrests after a midnight raid on the headquarters of the Red Devils gang in Nelson.

The raid, following up allegations of unlicensed liquor sales and supply, began at about midnight on Saturday. Nelson police were backed by the Armed Offenders Squad and reinforcements from Christchurch.

Chainsaws were used to cut holes in fences to gain entry to the compound.

Inspector Brian McGurk says a significant amount of alcohol was seized, as well as drugs, $7000 in cash, five laptops and two fridges.

He says five people will appear in the Nelson District Court on 28 September on charges of unlicensed sale and supply of liquor.

Two people face methamphetamine possession charges and a woman has been charged with obstructing police.

Another 45 people are likely to be charged under the Sale of Liquor Act with being found on unlicensed premises.