14 Nov 2010

Rapist's wish to return to jail granted

4:06 pm on 14 November 2010

A convicted rapist who walked into a Hawke's Bay police station wielding an axe, has been sent back to prison at his request.

The Parole Board says Devo Gray Te Aho has been a compliant man since he was freed a year ago.

But he's said to have been agitated in late September, when he entered the Flaxmere police station with an axe over his shoulder, begging officers to send him back to jail.

The Parole Board says this is a matter of palpable concern.

Te Aho has since appeared in court but maintains he's not a safety risk.

Corrections applied to have Te Aho recalled to prison, as a result of the incident.

The Parole Board says it has taken note of his increasing emotional volatility, his threatening behaviour and the implicit cry for help.

A psychological assessment will be prepared for his next parole hearing in February.