13 Jan 2011

Summer Report: local papers

7:41 am on 13 January 2011

Morning papers on Thursday continue their coverage of the Queensland floods.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald details the grim job faced by those who were able to get back into Queensland's Lockyer Valley on Wednesday with police describing the scene in the town of Grantham as one of complete horror.

Land and air access has been blocked while they search for bodies following Monday's flash flood.

Meanwhile, as the waters rise in Brisbane, army demolition experts have been considering whether to blow up two vessels which were torn from their moorings and carved a destructive path downstream.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post has the story of a Wellington helicopter pilot who helped rescue a little boy from the floodwaters.

On Monday, a film crew filmed the boy and his parents trapped on the roof of their four wheel drive. The boy's mother was winched to safety and pilot Ned Lee then pulled the boy - who had been swept off the car roof - to safety. The boy's father is still missing.

The Press

The front page of The Press has a photo of rooves of houses just poking up through a sea of brown, muddy water in Ipswich.

Police are warning residents there not to rush back in to check their homes without checking the electricity - saying that a lot of those who died in the 1974 floods were electrocuted.

New Zealand is getting ready to send hundreds of Defence personnel and up to 60 Fire Service crews to Queensland.


The Otago Daily Times tells the story of a 13 year old boy - who was also trapped on the roof of a car, with his 10 year old brother and his mother. When they were spotted by rescuers, the teenager told them to save his little brother first.

They did - but were not able to get to the other two in time.