10 Feb 2011

Eden Park needs more seats for Rugby World Cup

9:22 pm on 10 February 2011

The trust that runs Eden Park wants fast-tracked approval to build 2000 extra temporary seats and an entertainment facility for the Rugby World Cup.

Eden Park Trust Board says it was unable to confirm exactly what will be needed to cope with the numbers coming to the stadium until recently.

The tournament is just eight months away, with the opening game on 9 September.

The trust has shifted its resource consent to the tournament's authority, which can give the green light faster than usual under the Rugby World Cup 2011 Empowering Act.

Trust chief executive David Kennedy says an already approved consent for 10,000 extra seats was made early in the piece.

However now that the stadium has been rebuilt some seats have been deemed to have obscured views, meaning they can not be sold.

Mr Kennedy says a number of other seats have been taken out by a substantial media contingent.

The consent for an entertainment pavilion to house 5000 spectators has got the Eden Park Neighbour's Association particularly worried.

President Mark Donnelly says it wants provisions in place to ensure minimal disruption to already fed-up locals during construction and while the event is running.