9 Mar 2011

Wellington council cuts back on projects

7:08 am on 9 March 2011

Some projects for Wellington's waterfront have been shelved, as the city's council debates what it can afford for the next 12 months.

Until the end of the week, the council is debating cutting funding to services, increasing fees and setting rates rises.

The council's tight financial position has meant an ice skating rink and a shelter for markets on the waterfront will not go ahead.

But Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says it will spend just over $4 million on strengthening old wharf piles this year to make it safe.

"The strengthening of the piles, I presume, will include consideration of earthquakes.

"But the main thing is they are quite old piles and there is deterioration over age, and we need to make sure that our lovely waterfront is safe."