20 Apr 2011

Minister told that amalgamation not working

6:14 am on 20 April 2011

Devonport residents have told Local Government Minister Rodney Hide they are unhappy with the early days of the council amalgamation which he oversaw.

More than 60 turned out there as Mr Hide made his first appearance before one of the 21 new Local Boards that are part of Auckland Council.

Six months after the boards were created, Devonport residents complained of neither being heard nor well-informed by the council, or the Auckland Transport agency.

Mr Hide promised to take up their concerns and described them as part of bedding in major reforms.

The roll-out of the boards' full powers is still occurring and Mr Hide is confident that they will play a key part in governing Auckland.

Auckland Council and the Local Boards came into being on 1 November last year. The new council replaced eight previous councils.