6 Dec 2008

No appeal against new controls on Taupo farmers

3:44 pm on 6 December 2008

Federated Farmers says it will reluctantly not appeal an Environment Court ruling that requires farmers in the Lake Taupo catchment to seek a resource consent to farm.

The court backed a planning move by the Waikato Regional Council, known as Variation Five, to impose controls on farms surrounding the lake, in a bid to protect it from nitrogen run-off.

The federation said earlier that an appeal was likely, but after taking legal advice it has decided not to take that step because it would be unlikely to succeed.

Even if it were successful, president Don Nicolson says it would be unlikely to result in any significant change to the council's plan.

But, he says, the advice also makes it clear that the implications of the decision will be confined to the Lake Taupo catchment and will not apply to any other part of the country.