17 May 2011

High tide causes more flooding in Christchurch

7:39 pm on 17 May 2011

High tide in Christchurch has again resulted in flood waters washing across roads in some parts of the city.

On Monday night, high tide caused flooding to roads in the lower parts of the Avon and Heathcote rivers.

Richard Poff says his home is located about halfway along Avonside Drive and the Avon River is up to the top of a park bench alongside the river on Tuesday night.

However, Mr Poff says homes are not affected.

Flooding has been affecting parts of New Brighton Road, Avonside Drive, Hulverstone Drive, Clarendon Terrace and Richardson Terrace.

Mr Poff says the worst of the tide has passed and the waters are expected to quickly recede.

Flood barriers put up by the council after similar flooding before Easter have been effective, he says.