19 Dec 2011

Logging truck safety standard lift urged

12:53 pm on 19 December 2011

A rural lobby group is backing a judge's comments on the need for a major culture change among logging truck drivers.

During sentencing last week of a the driver of a logging truck that crashed near Taupo in 2010, killing another motorist, Judge Chris McGuire said truck drivers should have higher safety standards and the industry needs to lift its game.

Rural Women New Zealand spokesperson Jackie Edkins says the comments are especially timely after 36 children were injured on a school bus in the Bay of Plenty in September after being hit by a logging truck.

"There's a lot of schools where there's concerns about the speed of traffic in general past the school, and that will include logging trucks in some areas.

"But of course it will include a lot of private vehicles as well," she said