13 Jul 2008

Back-up needed for police in South Auckland

8:01 am on 13 July 2008

An experienced police officer says the deployment of more police in South Auckland will be futile, if it is not backed by the courts and social agencies.

Senior Sergeant Cornell Kluessien says tackling the area's problems is not just about making more arrests.

The deaths of three people in the suburb of Manurewa last month has led to calls for more police officers to be posted to the area.

Sergeant Kluessien told Insight that a recent exercise which led to 50 arrests, put enormous pressure on the justice system because none of those arrested could be bailed.

Also in the programme, barrister Ted Faleauto said the harder the police work, the more the court comes under pressure. He said he can almost predict a life of offending for some of the young people he defends.

More can be heard about policing in Manurewa on Insight.