31 Jan 2012

Protestors in Wellington evicted

2:28 pm on 31 January 2012

Occupy Wellington protesters were evicted on Tuesday morning from Civic Square where they set up camp in October.

About 20 police and a similar number of security personnel arrived at the square at 6.30am and told them to leave.


A Radio New Zealand reporter there says the atmosphere was tense but the protesters appeared to be leaving peacefully. There were no arrests.

Wellington City Council says it will not allow them to set up camp anywhere else in the city.

However one protester says the group is not ready to give up on their protest in the square and they plan to stay on in sleeping bags.

The council says the occupiers are free to stay in the square so long as they don't erect any tents, but says it hopes the group will now disperse.

Last week a member of the group lodged a High Court application seeking a judicial review of a council bylaw that forbids camping in public parks.

The bylaw is similar to that used by Auckland Council last week to remove protesters from Aotea Square.

Auckland incident

Auckland Council issued a trespass warning on Tuesday morning to protestors who had set up four tents outside the Civic Building.

Two police officers were in attendance. The group have now packed their tents and left the area.