13 Sep 2011

RWC minister should shoulder responsibility - Goff

6:04 am on 13 September 2011

Labour Party leader Phil Goff says the Rugby World Cup Minister should be held responsible for what he describes as the debacle ahead of Friday's Rugby World Cup opening.

Auckland councillors met on Monday to discuss transport problems which delayed thousands heading to the event.

Prime Minister John Key says it is an issue for Auckland, although ministers were keeping in touch with city officials over the weekend.

Mr Goff says the Government must front up and share that responsibility.

"If you call yourself the minister in charge of the Rugby World Cup it means you don't just take the credit and you don't just take the photo opportunities, you've also got to take the responsibility," he said.

Mr Key on Monday said he understood the frustration of people affected by the transport problems, and apologised.

He said everything the Government ran directly went to plan, and transport is the responsibility of the Auckland Council.

Mr Key says it has been made clear to Auckland authorities that there can be no repeat of the transport problems