23 Dec 2009

Scientist supports Fertiliser Quality Council

8:55 pm on 23 December 2009

Independent soil scientist and fertiliser consultant Doug Edmeades is backing the Fertiliser Quality Council's decision to publish a report on claims made by the Summit-Quinphos company.

The council commissioned the review after a complaint from another fertiliser company.

The report found that some of the statements the company made about its urea-nitrification inhibitor product, Sustain, were misleading.

Summit-Quinphos took legal action to block the release of the report but later withdrew that action.

It says it's changed the way it describes trial results for the product in its promotional material.

Dr Edmeades, who independently reviewed the data on Sustain, also objected to claims made by Summit-Quinphos its advertising.

He's commended the efforts of the Fertiliser Quality Council in commissioning the review and releasing the report.

He says the council was set up for farmers to ensure that the fertiliser products they bought were properly labelled and that claims made about products were based on sound science.