22 Sep 2008

ERMA seeks submissions on insecticide use

6:33 am on 22 September 2008

The Environmental Risk Management Authority is calling for public submissions on the use of the insecticide methyl parathion, as part of its review of hazardous substances that it's reassessing for continued use in this country.

Methyl parathion is used overseas on a wide range of crops, including grain, vegetables and fruit, and although it's been approved for use in New Zealand, there are currently no products containing it on the market.

The insecticide has been subject to review internationally in recent years, with the European Union banning it in plant protection products in 2003, and the United States recently canceling the approval to use it on a number of crops.

ERMA says its preliminary recommendation is to prohibit the use of the insecticide, based on initial research into the impact of using methyl parathion on human health and the environment.

Public submissions close on 3 November.