13 Sep 2012

Belarusian shot putter banned for one year

11:47 am on 13 September 2012

The disgraced Belarusian shot putter Nadezhda Ostapchuk could well be competing again this time next year after being suspended for just one year, following her positive dope test for an anabolic steroid at the London Olympics.

A lenient sentence was imposed by Belarus's anti-doping agency after Ostapchuk's coach Alexander Yefimov confessed to intentionally spiking her food with the steroid because he was concerned about her form in the leadup to the London games.

Yefimov has been suspended for four years for his part in the case.

Graeme Steel, the chief executive of Drug Free Sport New Zealand, says it is in the rules to give an athlete just a one year ban.

Ostapchuk has always denied any wrongdoing.