23 Sep 2009

Athletes plane, train, automobile and walk to Masters Games

10:56 pm on 23 September 2009

Most of those competing at the world masters games in Sydney next month are arriving plane, train or automobile, but one is arriving on foot ... from Gympie in Queensland, 1,100 kms away.

Carl Hebel considers the mammoth walk an ideal form of training for his four athletic events, including a 1500m and a half marathon.

Covering around 60kms a day, he plans to be on the road for almost three weeks.

He weighs just 60kgs, and is carrying half his bodyweight in his backpack, and sleeping under the stars.

Hebel is no stranger to marathon journeys, he once spent 60 days walking 3,000 kms from London to Athens, which he described as a "nice, comfortable summer holiday".