5 Jul 2010

Fouhy returns to kayak after acrimonious fallout with national coach

1:04 pm on 5 July 2010

Former world champion kayaker Ben Fouhy is returning to the sport, having quit in March after an acrimonious fallout with national coach Ian Fergusson.

Canoe Racing New Zealand chief executive, Paula Kearns, says Fouhy will train on his own outside their high peformance group and will compete at the world champs in Poland, in August.

Fouhy, who won the world title in 2004 and a silver medal at the Athens Olympics, says he reconsidered his initial decision after it was made clear an individual training regime, similar to that of shot putter Valerie Vili and triathlete Beven Docherty, was possible.

Fouhy says he has realistic expectations for this year's world champs given the cirsumstances surrounding his return, with his ultimate goal the 2012 London Olympics.