21 Jul 2010

Le Monde says probe will be Armstrong's downfall

7:41 am on 21 July 2010

Greg LeMond believes a government investigation into fellow Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong could prompt the downfall of the world's most famous cyclist.

The seven-time champion Armstrong is racing his final Tour campaign, amid accusations by former team-mate Floyd Landis that their former team, US Postal, was involved in systematic doping.

Le Mond, a three-time Tour champion, told a French newspaper he believes the investigation will be the beginning of the end for Armstrong.

LeMond is one of several witnesses who've been ordered to appear before the investigation panel, although he says he's yet to decide whether he'll testify.

Le Monde and Armstrong have had a turbulent reletionship with Le Monde continually questioning Armstrong's record performances, with some claiming Le Monde's bitter because Armstrong surpassed his record for an American in the event.