29 Jul 2008

Bastianelli fails doping test - from salads

9:00 am on 29 July 2008

Italy's world womens road cycling champion Marta Bastianelli has failed a drugs test and is likely to miss out on the Olympic Games.

Bastianelli, who eats only salads, is reported to have returned a positive test to a component in diet products.

Italian cycling federation Renato Di Rocco says the issues are very complicated and Bastianelli has been incredibly naive after she tested positive for flenfluramine.

Di Rocco says they'll immediately ask for a counteranalysis but the problem isn't just the Olympics but her image and that of cycling.

Cycling has been rocked by a number of doping scandals in the past few years and three Tour de France riders returned positive tests for EPO at the latest edition of the classic race, which ended on Monday.