1 Aug 2008

Organisers to lift internet restrictions

7:20 pm on 1 August 2008

The International Olympic Committee says it's met with the Chinese Games organisers, and an agreement has been made to lift internet restrictions to journalists.

The Olympics start in a week in Beijing and the issue of net censorship has caused a major stir as reporters arrived to find access to sensitive sites blocked.

IOC officials had insisted there would be no censorship while the Chinese maintained that sensitive sites would remain blocked.

IOC vice-president Gunilla Lindberg says the issue has now been solved and internet use will be just like in any Olympics - but the IOC Press Commission chair Kevan Gosper says some sites deemed by the government as subversive will continue to be blocked.

While internet access will be at least largely free for journalists for the period of the Games, it's still tightly controlled for the rest of China.