14 Dec 2010

NZ freediver first to reach 100m mark on single breath

6:20 pm on 14 December 2010

The New Zealand freediver William Trubridge has become the first person to dive 100 metres below the sea, on a single breath of air and without aid.

The New Zealand freediving website, AIDA, says Trubridge bettered his own world record mark, descending 100 metres at Dean's Blue Hole on Long Island in the Bahamas without the use of weights or fins.

A French diver Jacques Mayol reached this depth in 1980 but used a weighted sled to descend and an inflated lift bag to return to the surface.

The dive took four minutes and 10 seconds to complete and is Trubridge's 13th world record.

He broke the record on a previous attempt the day before but it was disqualfied on a technicality when he remove his goggles and nose peg without clearance from the judges.