21 Sep 2011

Lockyer named in Broncos starting XIII

6:54 am on 21 September 2011

As expected Darren Lockyer has been named in the Brisbane Broncos' starting lineup to face Manly in Friday night's preliminary final at the Sydney Football Stadium.

Despite having surgery on a fractured cheekbone last Sunday morning, the Queensland and Australia captain has been selected at five-eighth, but he'll leave his decision about playing or not until the day of the match.

Manly's coach coach Des Hasler believes the Broncos won't risk Lockyer, and he'd only play if he's fit enough to do so.

The retiring Lockyer has been warned by a range of medical experts that he risks losing his vision should he receive another knock to the face, a risk he seems prepared to take.

But a leading sports physician Dr Peter Larkins said those involved in advising Lockyer of the risks may seek to protect themselves from being sued.

Lockyer could be forced to sign a waiver preventing him from taking legal action should the Brisbane skipper suffer complications as a result of playing on Friday night.

Dr Larkins - a former president of Sports Medicine Australia - says it's a rarity that doctors would get overruled by a player, but if they choose to take that path, then the doctor, the club and the league for that matter, would normally get the player to sign a legal waiver to absolve the league, the club, the player's doctor, the surgeon of any litigation should the player deteriorate.

Dr Larkins said he expected Lockyer to play despite the risks, but recommended the retiring star wear a boxing-style headgear.