30 Nov 2011

Iwi considers regrowing mistakenly felled sacred tree

7:21 pm on 30 November 2011

A descendant of the Ngati Pikiao chief Taranui says there's talk of trying to re-grow a sacred tree named after his rangatira, which was mistakenly cut down.

The Rotorua District Council felled the mangeao tree on the highway between Rotorua and Tauranga near Okere Falls because it was a roadside hazard.

It says the tree, which was over a century old and called Te Pou a Taranui, wasn't listed as a sacred site.

An uri or descendant of the Ngati Pikiao chief Piki Thomas says he's accepted it was a mistake.

He says discussions about what to do with the tree have started.

Mr Thomas says whanau have already decided not to carve the remains of Te Pou a Taranui.

But he says some whanaunga have raised the idea of taking a cutting from the tree to try and regrow it.