8 Dec 2011

Canadian consultation a contrast to Petrobras - councillor

6:39 am on 8 December 2011

Gisborne District Councillor Manu Caddie says the efforts of two Canadian oil exploration companies to consult with Maori about their drilling plans, is a complete contrast to the actions of Petrobras, a Brazilian company.

Mr Caddie has been at the forefront of tangata whenua protests against Petrobras drilling in the Raukumara basin north of East Cape.

He says it was a positive move by the Canadian companies - Apache and Tag Oil - to meet this week people in the Whatatutu area north west of Gisborne, where the companies have seismic survey and drilling permits.

Mr Caddie says they have a good attitude but their consultation process is not perfect.

He says they've already started the first stage of seismic survey work, which entails drilling 800 holes and setting off the equivalent number of explosions.

But Mr Caddie says the companies do plan to provide a monthly update on their progress.