11 Mar 2012

Young Iraqis stoned to death for 'emo' style

1:27 pm on 11 March 2012

At least 14 young people have been stoned to death in Baghdad recently in what appears to be a campaign by Shi'ite militants against anyone wearing Western-style "emo" clothes and haircuts.

Militants in Shi'ite neighbourhoods, where the stonings have taken place, have circulated lists naming dozens more young people targeted to be killed if they do not change the way they dress, Reuters reports.

The killings have taken place since Iraq's Interior Ministry labelled the emo subculture "satanism" in February and ordering a community police force to stamp it out.

Emo fans are known for their distinctive black gothic-style dress and distinctive long or spiky haircuts.

Leading Shi'ite clerics have condemned the stonings.