26 Apr 2012

Scottish town Dull seeks ties with Boring

10:09 am on 26 April 2012

A Scottish village named Dull is seeking to twin with the US town of Boring, British media report.

The Daily Telegraph said the two towns had already declared themselves sister communities after a Scottish cyclist travelled through Boring in Oregon, a town of 12,000 people, on holiday.

Dull community councillor Marjorie Keddie was quoted as saying everyone was smiling at the prospect of the eye-catching road sign the idea would require.

Boring's local newspaper the Sandy Post quoted lifelong resident Bob Boring as saying: "I think this is one of those fun things that communities do."

But there were some doubts as to what the tiny village of Dull could offer Boring, with resident Peter Campbell, who runs Dull Farm, admitting: "There are no shops or anything like that... we'd welcome any visitors that might come to see a sign linking the two places."