17 Jan 2010

More Karzai cabinet nominees rejected

9:08 am on 17 January 2010

The Afghan parliament has again rejected most of President Hamid Karzai's list of cabinet nominees.

It did so two weeks ago when 17 of the 24 names put forward, were not accepted.

This time parliament has rejected 10 out of 17 names in a secret ballot.

However, the candidates for several top posts, including the Foreign, Interior, Defence and Justice ministries were accepted.

Two women put forward for the posts of public health and women's affairs were rejected. Another was accepted as work and social affairs minister.

One member of parliament, Fowzai Kofi, says the latest nominees are less acceptable than the previous list on 2 January.

Despite the setback, the BBC reports the president now has 14 of 24 ministers confirmed including the most powerful ones.