23 Feb 2010

NATO strike kills civilians in Afghanistan

9:01 am on 23 February 2010

Afghanistan's government has condemned a NATO air strike on a convoy of vehicles in the south of the country, which killed at least 27 civilians.

A convoy of vehicles which NATO believed was carrying Taliban fighters was attacked in an airstrike. The vehicles were later found to contain civilians, including women and children.

The attack on Sunday in the southern province of Uruzgan was not part of a major Nato-led push in neighbouring Helmand province, the BBC reports.

Last week, 12 civilians died in that offensive when ground-launched rockets hit a home.

The government of Afghanistan says the latest incident of NATO forces mistakenly killing civilians is unjustifiable, and a major obstacle to effective counter-terrorism efforts.

It has called on NATO to closely co-ordinate and exercise maximum care to avoid civilian casualties.