5 Apr 2011

Air France crash remains to be recovered

11:49 am on 5 April 2011

French officials say the bodies of those killed in the Air France plane crash off Brazil 2009 may start to be recovered within weeks.

Undersea robots finally uncovered a large part of the wreckage, including bodies, on Sunday, the BBC reports.

The country's transport ministry says the aircraft's black box flight recorders have not yet been located, and it is impossible to know how useful they would be, given the time they've been under water.

The black box flight recorders have not yet been spotted, but investigators have expressed hope they will be found.

The flight went down in the Atlantic, killing all 228 people on board. The cause of the disaster remains unknown.

Debris was recovered soon after the accident but it has taken four attempts to uncover a substantial part of the plane.

France says the bodies and the wreckage will be brought to the surface in the next few weeks.