27 Sep 2011

Another drug submarine seized

1:18 pm on 27 September 2011

Counter-narcotics police in Colombia have seized anothetr submarine built to smuggle cocaine.

The fibreglass boat was found in a jungle area in Choco near the Pacific coast.

The BBC reports it was the second such find in two days. Sophisticated communications and navigational equipment and radar made it worth about $US2 million.

Police said the submarine could stay under water for up to 10 days. It would have been possible for a crew of up to five people to travel from Colombia to Central America and back without being detected.

The vessel was found in a jungle area in western Choco province after police received a tip-off from an informant.

It had the name Perla Negra ('Black Pearl') painted on its side.

Officers had to travel by helicopter to the dense jungle area near the Pacific coast.

On Saturday, they seized a semi-submersible vessel which could carry up to 10 tonnes of cocaine.

Colonel Carlos Enrique Rodriguez said the submarine found in Choco was smaller and could carry only about four tonnes of drugs.