30 Dec 2011

Death of doctor who testified against security forces

11:07 am on 30 December 2011

A doctor who testified that the security forces in Pakistan killed a group of unarmed foreigners has been shot dead.

Dr Bakir Shah was killed in the city of Quetta after contradicting police reports earlier this year that the five foreigners were suicide bombers.

The BBC reports gunmen pulled up alongside his car and sprayed the vehicle with bullets. He died soon afterwards in hospital.

In May, Dr Shah carried out autopsies on two men and three women of Russian and Tajik origin who died at a checkpoint just outside Quetta, in the province of Balochistan. One of the women was heavily pregnant.

Police insisted they had been carrying explosives and they died as they detonated a bomb.

The BBC says Dr Shah's autopsy corroborated what many witnesses said: that they had died after being shot many times at a distance by the security forces. Witnesses also said they had been unarmed.

Afterwards, Dr Shah was dragged out of a restaurant and beaten by a group of unidentified men. He later complained that while he was supposed to receive protection, he never got it.