Margaret Mahy (1936–2012)

Remembering one of New Zealand's national literary treasures

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Interviews and documentaries with Margaret Mahy

Margaret Mahy: fantastic life

One of New Zealand's most acclaimed writers talks to Kim Hill about her life and her young adult novel 'The Magician of Hoad'.

From Saturday Morning on 01 Nov 2008

Reading Under the Covers - The Tricksters

New Zealand's foremost children's author Margaret Mahy is possibly the nation's unofficial laureate of wild imagination. Amongst her best creations are a series of supernatural novels for adolescents. This documentary looks at one of them - The Tricksters - a complex ghost story and mystery. Featuring Margaret Mahy, Dr Claudia Marquis (University of Auckland), Dr Anna Smith (University of Canterbury) and Professor Kathryn Walls (Victoria University), with music by Cloudboy. (2002)

From Margaret Mahy (1936–2012) on 25 Jul 2012

Eight Months to Mars - Margaret Mahy

One of our national literary treasures, whose children and youth related books have been translated into at least 15 languages!

From Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm on 05 May 2008

Margaret Mahy

Liam Ryan interviews New Zealand poet and author Margaret Mahy, who reads a poem especially written for the interview.

From Nights on 09 Jan 2009

Mahy Magic

A look at one of New Zealand's leading authors and original thinkers through a theatre piece written by Jo Randerson called Mahy Madness. Intimate and theatrical, it is a celebration of someone who uses the imagination in a positive way in her life and empowers others to do the same. (2002)

From Margaret Mahy (1936–2012) on 25 Jul 2012

Lectures and forums with Margaret Mahy on Radio New Zealand

The Catalogue of the Universe

The universe is not symmetrical and nor is common sense necessarily sensical - in Catalogue of the Universe, New Zealand's most loved children's author Margaret Mahy catalogues her own fascination with science and knowledge and investigates the illogic of fact, the boundaries of fact and fiction and of research and imagination.

From Are Angels OK on 15 Jan 2006

Writing for Young Adults

Chaired by Kate de Goldi, this session brings together the celebrated New Zealand writer Margaret Mahy and Australian writer Marcus Zusak, discussing a wide range of issues about writing for older children and young adults. Margaret Mahy is undoubtedly one of the world's leading and most gifted writers of the difficult genre of books for young adults. In this panel discussion recorded at the Press Christchurch Writers' Festival in September 2006 she talks about issues which affect her work as a writer with Australian author Markus Zusak. His books for children and young adults have been published and critically-acclaimed worldwide. His latest work and first adult novel, The Book Thief was shortlisted for four literary awards and won the 2006 Kathleen Mitchell Award.

From Writers and Readers Festivals on 28 Feb 2007