Society & People


20 Years Out!

20 Years Out! marks the twentieth anniversary of the passage of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill in New Zealand.

Across the Boundaries

A short series of radio features made by AUT Communications students

Aeronauts & Aviators

Aeronauts and aviators making New Zealand history.

Afghanistan Stories

Stories from Afghanistan

All Night Programme

There is something for everyone in the wee small hours of a brand new day, every day, on our All Night Programme, a live-hosted programme of features, music, news and weather.

An Indescribable Beauty

Wellington, 1859, and a young German immigrant by the name of Friedrich August Krull writes a series of letters home to his mother.

Anzac Day

A morning of current affairs and conversation.

Asian Report

A weekly report that highlights Asians in New Zealand, aimed at promoting a greater understanding of Asian New Zealanders.

Auckland Stories

Short form documentaries about life in the Auckland region.

Becoming New Zealand

George Andrews looks at the people and events that determined the route we followed on our journey towards nationhood.

Best Of The Week

Highlights from the RNZ schedule.

Big Data

A discussion series chaired by Kim Hill exploring the nature and implications of big data and how it may serve as a tool in facing the challenges of the current era.

Books that Built New Zealand

Four New Zealand writers and thinkers nominate the locally-grown work that they think has done the most to create our country, to inculcate an idea of ourselves and to nurture a notion of New Zealandness.

Broken River

Days after the city of Christchurch was devastated by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake, This Way Up's presenter Simon Morton traversed the city using the Avon River as his route.

Children With Learning Challenges

How are our school children with learning disabilities doing within our education system?

Christmas Day

Christmas Day on Radio New Zealand National

Church Services

Church services recorded by Radio New Zealand to mark Easter, Christmas and other occasions.

City Talk

The Waitakere Eco Village Project: The hunt is on for a site in Auckland for an ecologically sustainable co-housing community.

Concepts Of Nationhood

A lecture series recorded in 2007 in the Great Hall, Parliament Buildings, at a symposium exploring the significance of the declaration of Dominion status for New Zealand in 1907.

Constitutional Review

A five-part series examining aspects of the New Zealand Constitutional Review being carried out by the Government.

Country Life

A weekly programme of issues and stories of particular concern to the rural community, and also of interest to a general audience.

Crossing Boundaries

A series of radio features from different parts of the world looking at subjects not often discussed at length in the media.

Diary of a Quitter

After 17 years of smoking, Amelia Nurse gave up. She kept an audio diary as she set the slow wheels of change in motion.

Diversity in Death

A four part series exploring the inter-faith rituals around death and burial in New Zealand.

Down The List

Where does the real power in New Zealand lie? That’s right, with a bunch of bureaucrats, underlings, officials, and lowly-ranked list MPs that you and I have never heard of.

Easter Monday

A special programme for Easter Monday.

Election Referendum Forum

Hosted by Nigel Roberts, this forum explores issues and questions about the 2011 referendum on New Zealand’s voting system, recorded in front of an audience at Te Papa.

Epicurean Auckland

Amelia Nurse checks out some of the Auckland region’s most exciting food enterprises.

Extreme Diving in New Zealand

A four part series exploring diving in New Zealand.


A collection of shorter documentaries about New Zealanders who came face-to-face with history. Produced by Radio New Zealand using witness testimony and archival audio.

Farthest Flung, Holding Tight

New Zealand, Empire and the Threat of War 1913-1914

First Person

First Person is a podcast featuring the voices of New Zealanders living through big issues, news events or changes. They are the stories we don’t normally get to hear. Join John Campbell as he talks to them about their lives.


Flavour comprises taste, aroma, odour, pungency and mouthfeel. Amelia Nurse takes Justin to chef Ryan Tattersal’s restaurant Cobar in Days Bay to discuss these elements of taste and conduct related experiments on the unsuspecting Carol Davidson.

For Laughter's Sake

Why laughter is important in our daily lives.

Four Regional Parks

David Steemson visits four Auckland regional parks - Tawhitokino, Awhitu, Duder and Scandrett.

From Age to Age

David Steemson talks to people, many of whom have had unusual lives, about growing older.

Full Name Please

Amelia Nurse looks below the surface of the names of people we encounter every day to consider what names can tell us about the society they originated from, the naming protocols in other cultures, where they come from and why we have two or more names?

Glory in their Eyes

Fighting for King and Country was a calling and an honour, so much so that some fresh-faced young men with glory in their eyes lied about their age and set sail across international waters.

Good Friday

A special programme for Easter.

Great Barrier Island

Great Barrier Island stands ninety kilometres away from Auckland City and is twenty eight thousand hectares of beautiful but rugged landscape and beaches. This four part series looks at issues arising from the changing dynamics of the island.

Great Encounters

In-depth interviews selected from Radio New Zealand National's feature programmes during the week.

He Waka Tangata

The inaugural He Waka Tangata Lecture in Social Science was presented by Professor Richard Bedford who reflected on contemporary social science in New Zealand.

Human Rights in Papua

2009 marked the 40th anniversary of the incorporation of the Papua region into Indonesia. A controversial UN sponsored referendum decided the former Dutch colony's destiny in 1969, but there's still resistance to Indonesian rule. Johnny Blades of Radio New Zealand International looks at the events of 2009.


A weekly programme exploring a range of philosophical, social, historical and environmental ideas.

Inside Child, Youth and Family

Child Youth and Family (CYF) opened its doors to reporter Mani Dunlop, giving her a glimpse of what really happens at the agency - going out with social workers on the job and talking to the families they deal with.

Intimacy in New Zealand

Intimacy plays a central role in the human experience. 'Love at first sight' used to happen at dances, at the pub, at work... but it’s a bit more complicated now.

Is the Auckland supercity working?

Exploring the issues in a special panel discussion which focusses on new research which has been undertaken by the Auckland University of Technology.

Jack Perkins Retrospective

A series celebrating the work of New Zealand’s premier radio documentary producer.

Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm

Jesse hosts an upbeat mix of the curious and the compelling, ranging from the stories of the day to the great questions of our time.

Journey to Haida Gwaii

A Haida language play revitalises a community facing their language's extinction.

Kiss the Children for Me

A British soldier's daughter visits the places where he served in 1982, sharing his last letters home and his love of folk music in the place he died.

Kiwi Summer

Sonia Sly and Lynn Freeman take you on a journey to every corner of New Zealand.

Labour Day

A day of reflection, conversation and entertainment.

Marrying Out

An award-winning radio series on sectarianism and mixed marriage in Australia.

Mary MacKillop

A look at New Zealand aspects of the life of Mary MacKillop - the Melbourne woman who co founded the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart) and became Australia's first Saint on 17 October 2010.

Missing Something

Missing Something looks at abilities and senses that some people don't have, and how it affects them.

Mrs Parker

The 1954 Parker-Hulme matricide was the famous murder behind Peter Jackson's film 'Heavenly Creatures'. Two teenage girls - Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme - murdered Pauline's mother. Ruth Beran speaks with some of the people involved in the investigation, and with Juliet Hulme, now known as novelist Anne Perry.

Muslim Communities in New Zealand

A four-part documentary series exploring the diversity of our country’s Muslim communities.

Nelsonian Indians

Jason Moon takes a look into a small but well-established Indian community living in Nelson.

New Year's Eve

Join Warwick Burke for the last few hours of the year.

New Zealand As It Might Have Been

Producer Justin Gregory asks some of our best and brightest what would have happened if certain key events in our history had never occurred, and investigates life in New Zealand as it might have been.

New Zealand Society

Short form documentaries about life in Aotearoa.

New Zealand Society: Eating Out

Amelia Nurse tells us a story about two significant eras in New Zealand restaurant history.


Unfurling fresh ideas and sounds along with the best radio documentaries and features from here and overseas.

On Safari

A three part documentary from Lynn Freeman about her experiences in Tanzania and Kenya.

On the Beach & Gone Country

John Bluck left a busy urban life and moved to a small country village north of Auckland. He has drawn on his life there to write two series. The first, 'Gone Country', describing his attempts to learn the art of living rurally and the second 'On The Beach' exploring the beach and its place in the hearts of New Zealanders.

One In Five

RNZ stories about the issues and experience of disability have traditionally lived under the One in Five banner but we are now mainstreaming our disability coverage, to bring stories to a wider audience across both our radio and digital platforms. You can expect to see disability stories on our website and to hear them on Spectrum, New Zealand Society and within our award-winning News programmes, Checkpoint and Morning Report. And we’d like your help – we still want you to get in touch to share your stories and tell us the kind of issues you would like to see examined. You can email us at

Our Glorious Heritage Of NZ Verse

A tribute to some of our worst – and funniest – verse.


Keith Richardson talks to members of the British Pathfinder squadron whose job was to highlight enemy targets for following bomber crews in the 1940s.

Queen's Birthday

An upbeat mix of the curious and the compelling.

Queensland's Ark

Lynn Freeman visits the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast armed with a microphone and a curiosity about Australia's endangered creatures.

RNZI 60th Anniversary

Radio New Zealand celebrates 60 years of international shortwave broadcasting.

Ron and Zillah Castle: Their sweet compulsion

A story of poetry, pharmaceuticals, teaching, collecting and above all, music.


In this New Zealand Society series Amelia Nurse looks into what keeps us returning to the sea.

Saturday Morning

A magazine programme with feature interviews on current affairs, science, literature, music and more.

Sir Douglas Robb Lectures 2011

A series of three lectures by Tariq Ali.


Amelia Nurse spent some time with former Air Force personnel from No 75 (Skyhawks) Squadron.

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum

A series of panel discussions recorded before an audience at the Auckland Museum, as part of the popular LATE at the Museum evenings.

Sounds Historical

Sounds Historical with Jim Sullivan is the programme that gives listeners their chance to learn about the colourful, dramatic, and often remarkable events and people of New Zealand's past.

Southern Stories

Tales of life in Te Waipounamu.

Spanish Civil War

Seventy years after the outbreak of war on the 18th July 1936, Radio New Zealand marked the anniversary with the experiences of two Kiwis who helped resist the onslaught of General Franco’s fascists against the government of Spain.

Specola Vaticana

Astronomer, meteoriticist and Jesuit Brother Guy Consalmagno gives students from Timaru High School a tour of Specola Vaticana, one of the oldest observatories in the world.


Spectrum is a long-running documentary series – it began in 1972 – which captures the essence of New Zealand through stories, landscape and people.

Spiritual Outlook

A seasonal interview-based programme on spiritual topics of wide ranging interest, alternating with the BBC's Heart And Soul programme.

Summer Nights

Charlotte Graham takes a journey through ideas, conversations, music and stories from all over the world. We head off the beaten track for discussions about what makes people tick - along with comedy, star-gazing, comfort food, sport, scary stories, and a look ahead to 2014.

Summer Noelle

An easy blend of interviews, stories and music from around the country and across the world. We’re your perfect holiday companion, whether you’re simply relaxing at home or gearing up for 2016.

Sunday 4 'til 8

A selection of special interest programmes.

Sunday Morning

Discussion, features and ideas until midday.

Sunday Night

An evening of nostalgia with your host Grant Walker.

Tales of New Zealand Chinese History

Much is known about early Chinese settlement from the first influx of Chinese gold-miners in the mid 1800s, to the anti-Chinese immigration policy that evolved soon after. But some stories have rarely been told.

Te Ahi Kaa

The philosophy of Te Ahi Kaa is to reflect the diversity of Māori in the past, present and future. While bilingual in delivery, the programme incorporates Māori practices and values in its content, format and presentation.

TED Radio Hour

A weekly journey through fascinating ideas.

The Ballad of Bantam Billy

Bill Perkins' workmates in a Lancashire coal mine gave him the name 'Bantam Billy'. He was physically small and a fighter - a fighter for socialism which he saw as the only way of alleviating the harsh living and working conditions of the working classes in the 1900s.

The Best Medicine

In this New Zealand Society feature Amelia Nurse takes a look at humour.

The Darwin Lectures

Eminent New Zealand scientists explore the ideas of Darwin and their impact on society over the last 150 years.

The Face of Fear

A 5-part series in which Sonia Sly deconstructs and looks at the many manifestations of our fears.

The Golden Tide

This five part documentary series takes a fresh, contemporary look at the changing nature of the Chinese community in New Zealand.

The Life Worth Having

A forum focussing on the link between economic and environmental health in New Zealand, in particular in the regions and smaller centres.

The Macmillan Brown Lectures

Exploring a wide range of subjects about New Zealand and Pacific history and culture, the MacMillan Brown Lecture series has been an institution at the University of Canterbury since 1941.

The Panel

The Panel features a range of panellists from right along the opinion spectrum, together with expert phone guests.

The Reeves Lecture

A series set up in the memory of Bishop Sir Paul Reeves, former Archbishop of the Anglican Church of New Zealand, and Governor-General.

The Republic of Whangamomona

Justin Gregory takes the Forgotten World Highway to stay at an historic hotel, rediscover a lost civilisation, talk about the past, present and future and join the locals for a drink or two as they celebrate all things Taranaki.

The Rutherford Lectures

The Rutherford Lectures are one of the Royal Society of New Zealand's premier annual lecture series, delivered in honour of New Zealander Ernest Rutherford, nobel prize winner and president of the Royal Society of London.

The Taniwha of Tamaki Makaurau

David Steemson finds out about Auckland's taniwha,

The Treaty Debates

The Te Papa treaty debates from 2005 up to the present.

The Vault

An occasional series compiled from the Sound Archives, Nga Taonga Korero.

The Ventnor Documentary

Lynda Chanwai-Earle joins the Chinese community on a road trip for a once-in-a-lifetime Ching Ming event.

The Weekend

Music, sport, media, travel, and the people and places around us.

This Way Up

This Way Up - slices of life for curious minds

Two Views of Creation

British Nobel Laureate Sir Paul Nurse looks at two views of creation.


Formerly Asian Report, Voices is a weekly programme that highlights Asians, Africans, indigenous Americans and more in New Zealand, aimed at promoting a greater understanding of our ethnic minority communities.

Waitangi Monday

Waitangi Day on Radio New Zealand National

Waitangi Rua Rautau Lectures

The annnual Waitangi Rua Rau Tau lecture looks forward to the Waitangi bicentenary in 2040.

War Reports

The voices of the men and women who were there to tell the story of New Zealand in the First World War.

Way to Go

David Steemson looks at some of the new choices in coffins and funerals.

William Shakespeare Sonnets

The complete Shakespeare sonnets, read by New Zealanders.

Windows On The World

International public radio features and documentaries.

Wobblies Down Under

Jared Davidson uncovers the story of the Industrial Workers of the World and their repression in NZ during the early 1900s and World War I.

World War One Book Club

Panel discussions exploring the literature associated with the First World War.


Beginners guide to Parliament

Chris Bramwell takes us behind the scenes at Parliament.

Best of 2014 - Spiritual Outlook

The best of Spiritual Outlook for 2014

Celia Lashlie (1953-2015)

Author and social commentator Celia Lashlie spoke to Radio New Zealand numerous times over recent years about parenting and social justice issues.

Countries in Focus

An occasional series focusing on the history, politics and culture of a country or nationality.


It’s the simplest of machines that connects us all.

Dealing with perinatal depression

Sonia Sly investigates the issues around perinatal depression in New Zealand and talks to a group of women whose lives have been affected by postnatal depression.

Defying Convention: Joyce Fleming

Skinny dipper, former national vice-president of Free Beaches NZ and stalwart of the nudist community in New Zealand.

Douglas Lilburn

Interviews with and about, music written by, and lectures in honour of New Zealand Composer Douglas Lilburn (1915-2001).

Geoff Robinson

A selection of highlights from Geoff Robinson's 44-year career with Radio New Zealand


Reflections on the philosophy, science, economics and psychology of happiness.

Historian and natural science writer Sheila Natusch

New Zealand historian and natural science writer who has authored more than 30 books.

Holiday Spots

Take a virtual visit to landmarks and national parks, hear from residents and regional experts and explore the regions with our ever-curious journalists.

Ian 'Flash' Gordon 1949-2014

We honour and pay tribute to a much loved father, grandfather, colleague, friend and movie star.

Influential Kiwis talk about their Influences

Prominent New Zealanders talk about the individuals, writers and thinkers who have shaped their outlook on the world.

John Kendrick (1922-2013)

John Kendrick, the conservationist, filmmaker and sound recordist who initiated and recorded the Morning Report bird calls.

Museum Visits

An overview of some of the local and special-interest museums around Aotearoa New Zealand

Naming Aotearoa

The history of New Zealand place names with Peter Dowling.

Off the Beaten Track

The great outdoors with outdoorsman, adventurer, travel journalist, photographer Kennedy Warne.


Ideas and tips on different aspects of raising the next generation of New Zealanders.

Puanga Matariki

Matariki re-appears, Whānui starts its flight. Being the sign of the new year!

Rainbow Warrior

The bombing of the ship Rainbow Warrior changed our view of New Zealand's place in the world.

Rakiura Stewart Island

A seven part series by Lynn Freeman about Stewart Island's conservation efforts, its kiwi and the tourism levy.

Remembering Sir Paul Callaghan

An archive of lectures, interviews and discussions with this eminent scientist.

Resounding Radio

A ten part series tracing the history of radio in New Zealand from its beginnings in 1921 to 1996.

Royal Tours

An audio-visual collection of Royal Tours past.

Selfies in the Galleries

Kim Hill chairs a panel discussion on the legal implications of selfies with artworks at the inaugural Art Crime Symposium (2015).

Sheep Heaven

A small holder's guide to raising sheep.

Simon Morton climbs Mount Aspiring

Simon Morton conquers the mighty Mount Aspiring near Wanaka

Sir Edmund Hillary: A Tribute

Documentaries about the life of Sir Edmund Hillary and audio from the state funeral.

Sir Peter Williams QC (1934-2015)

Interviews with the colourful and sometimes controversial legal defender and tireless campaigner for prisoners' rights and penal reform.

Spectrum at War

First World War treasures from deep in the archives of Spectrum.

Spectrum in Rotorua

A selection of Spectrum documentaries recorded in Rotorua,.

Stories from the shearing sheds

A core farming activity which carries with it a rich history, ritual, characters, hard work and competition.

Surfing Aotearoa

A salty sport enjoyed by thousands in this country due to the long island coastlines and consistent sea swells.

Te Kupu o te Wiki

Introducing 50 new Māori words over 50 weeks.

The 1981 Springbok rugby tour

Coverage of the game and the protest actions in and around Eden Park.

The Best of Saturday Morning 2014

Kim Hill and producer Mark Cubey present their best stories from 2014.

The Kiwi accent

Exploring the peculiarities of New Zealand pronunciation.

The New Zealand National Anthem

The words and music to New Zealand's national anthem.

The War To End All Wars

Stories and interviews about World War One.

Treaty of Waitangi

A collection of audio which explores the history of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Undead Aotearoa

Bloodsucking nightwalkers and cannibal corpses... the undead on Radio New Zealand.


One of the most important traditions of the marae is whaikōrero, the ceremonial speech. This collection of whaikōrero has been prepared to show how the dead are farewelled and to demonstrate the diversity that exists within the tradition.

Women, The Vote and Equality

A brief history of women in New Zealand society, focusing on women’s rights, the battle for suffrage, and gender equality.

World War One: Up Close and Personal

Events of 100 years ago are brought to vivid life by sound.