20 Jul 2007

Striking Solomons teachers to hire senior lawyer

1:20 pm on 20 July 2007

The Solomon Islands National Teachers Association is to hire a former senior lawyer in the attorney general's chamber in its bid to back the striking teachers.

Francis Waleanisia resigned from the chamber this month in protest at the government's decision to swear in a wanted Australian lawyer, Julian Moti, as the country's attorney general.

SINTA's Industrial Relations Officer, Johnly Hatimoana, says they planned talks with Mr Waleanisia as they may challenge the government in court for breaching the Memorandum of Agreement signed by SINTA and the government in January.

Mr Hatimoana has expressed the union's determination to uphold its demands.

He said these are long overdue issues dating back to the 80's and the teachers return to class will depend on Government's response and plea for the

understanding of parents and guardians on the plight of 5,000 teachers at this time.